Global Leaders in Automatic Oyster Grading

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Australia to the world

SED Graders are global leaders in automatic oyster grading technology. Located on the rugged north coast of Tasmania, we’ve been supporting local and international oyster producers for over 17 years.

SED Graders are proudly Australian designed and made, which makes sense when you consider, as a country, we lead the world in both oyster growing and grading technology – and that our Australian oysters are some of the best in the world!

Using the latest in vision technology, SED Graders work at incredible speed with precision accuracy.

The result for oyster farmers is dramatically higher productivity at a significantly lower cost. In fact, our revolutionary SED Vision Grader works with speed and accuracy equivalent to thirteen workers grading oysters by hand.

“One run we did sorted 100,000 oysters in five hours. In the first month, I knew I was going to love this machine.” Brendan – Pristine Oysters, Coffin Bay

“I’m impressed! We can bring in our product and get it straight out again. It’s better than hand grading by a country mile!” James Boylan – Boylan Oysters, South Australia

Speed and Accuracy

At SED Graders, the proof is in the numbers. Fast, accurate and gentle, our oyster graders can boost productivity by up to 400%. Our fully automated oyster graders increase throughput, reduce labour costs and decrease mortality rates and product damage caused by traditional hand grading.

Here’s that proof:

Speed and Accuracy
  • Our SED Vision Grader automatically sorts, measures, cleans, counts and bags fully grown oysters at an average of 4 per second and up to 8 per second, depending on size and shape.
    8 oysters per second. That’s 14,400 – 28,800 oysters per hour – equivalent to thirteen workers grading oysters by hand.
  • Our SED Vision Grader operates with a count accuracy of up to 99%, giving you confidence that your oysters are market-ready for distribution.
  • Our SED Water Grader increases production by grading up to 100,000 juvenile oysters per hour. Rates are faster for smaller oysters. Commissioning a second lane will further increase productivity.
  • The SED Water Grader reduces mortality rates in juvenile oysters to 1.5%. During severe disease outbreaks that decimated local oysters, our local farmers reported saving 40% of their oyster crop.

“The SED Grader provides extremely accurate sizing and counts at all stages, ensuring better growing, condition and quality – lifting overall production which uses up the surplus labour. The grader has a consistent throughput of about 1200 – 1400 dozen per hour.” Brian Leahy – St Helens Marine Farmers Representative, Tasmania, Australia

Innovation is at the forefront

Innovation First

At SED Graders, innovation is at the forefront of everything we do.

So, when the Tasmanian Government asked us to help find solutions to increase productivity in the local oyster industry – we gave them a hard yes!

Our thirty-year reputation as problem solvers and engineering innovators put us in good stead for the seven-year journey of exploration that finally ended with a late-night eureka moment and the birth of the SED Vision Grader.

And we continue to innovate.

Working hand in hand with local oyster farmers, we constantly strive for improvements and new solutions, like the affordable SED Water Grader for seed and juvenile oysters that we developed in association with Tasmanian farmers, Bolduans Bay Oysters.

Built to Last

Built to last

With the rough-hewn coast of the treacherous Bass Strait at our front door, we take the build specifications on our oyster farming machinery very seriously. Manufactured from stainless steel, our SED Graders are purpose-designed and robustly built for harsh and remote oyster farming environments.

And while our SED Graders are technologically advanced, we’ve designed them to be mechanically simple for easy maintenance. Plus, our SED Grader team provides full worldwide after-sales support, including innovative virtual diagnostics for all our computerised products.

Innovative oyster graders

All in the bag!

Our innovative oyster graders and farming products provide a total oyster processing solution. We’ll have your oysters in the bag… in no time!

Fully automated and designed to increase productivity, our SED Graders free you and your workers from the laborious task of hand grading.

At SED Graders, we’ve also produced a range of oyster grading equipment that seamlessly integrates with our grading machines or can be customised to fit your existing equipment.

Are you ready to make every oyster count? Find out more about our productivity-boosting oyster graders and equipment. Contact the team at SED Graders today.


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