Oyster Farming Basket System and SED Graders

The Australian oyster industry is an international leader in both farming and grading technology.

The Australian oyster farming basket system, now used internationally, integrates perfectly with our SED Grader machines and is highly effective for growers with a focus on single seed oyster farming.

Combining the basket farming system with our SED Grader machines has benefited oyster farmers in Australia and across the world by significantly increasing productivity, decreasing labour costs and producing a superior product.

Here’s a snapshot of the process.

Single seed oyster spat is carefully raised in the durable, plastic baskets. The versatile Australian-designed basket system is a total farming solution for spat through to grow out and can hold oyster spat down to 2mm in size.

Seed and juvenile oysters are quickly and gently graded underwater, decreasing mortality rates to as little as 1.5% and significantly reducing damage resulting from hand grading and traditional barrel or shaker graders. On average, this machine grades up to 100,000 20-30mm oysters per hour for a single lane machine and 200,000 for a twin lane model. Grading rates are proportionate to oyster size – faster for smaller oysters and slower for larger oysters.

Now graded into three size ranges, the juvenile oysters are returned to the baskets for on-growing.

Designed to simplify subtidal and intertidal oyster production, the versatile oyster farming basket system provides farming solutions for a wide range of environments, including fixed, floating, subtidal and adjustable longline systems.

Fully grown oysters are automatically sorted, measured, cleaned and counted by the SED Vision Grader. This machine grades an average of four and up to eight oysters per second, with a count accuracy of up to 99%.

The final step of the SED Vision Grader process is to automatically bag your perfectly cleaned and consistently sized oysters. Your oysters are now market-ready for distribution.

Oyster Farming Basket System

Oyster Farming Basket System

Developed in partnership with oyster farmers across the country, the Australian oyster farming basket system has evolved over the past 20 years. This incredibly versatile system, made from robust plastic baskets, can be customised to suit the unique requirements of a wide array of oyster farming environments.

Adjustable Longline System, ideal for sandy seabed intertidal areas, gives greater control over oyster stock. The line can set to varying heights according to different seasons, environmental conditions and stages in oysters’ growth.

Subtidal System has baskets on top of each other, promoting rapid growth and secure infrastructure in open waters.

Subtidal Floating System

Fixed System is ideal for static infrastructure. In this variation, baskets are set for oysters to open and feed when the tide is in and allow their shells to be exposed to the air and harden when the tide is out. Oysters rumble in the baskets, enhancing shell shape and volume.

Subtidal Floating System is ideal for transfer between subtidal and intertidal systems. Baskets, stacked and tied down, allow the system to leverage water column depth for stock holding.

Floating System is ideal for calm waters with little wave action.  Floats, attached to the baskets, allow access at any stage irrespective of the tides. This system promotes faster growth as the baskets move up and down with the tide, staying on top of the water column where food concentrations are higher.

Discover more about the Oyster Farming Basket System on the SEAPA website here.

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