Automated oyster grading specialist

Situated along the picturesque north coast of Tasmania, Australia, SED Graders is a global leader and automated oyster grading specialists trusted locally and internationally by oyster producers for over two decades.

We take pride in our Australian heritage, where we lead the world in cutting-edge oyster grading technology. Our Australian-designed and manufactured systems reflect this commitment to excellence, ensuring we deliver the best to our customers worldwide.

Our innovative vision technology enables oyster farmers to increase productivity while reducing costs.

The SED Graders oyster Vision Grader boasts efficiency levels equivalent to thirteen experienced manual workers grading oysters by hand.

Whether you are cultivating oysters in North America or Asia, SED Graders offers a solution that maximises efficiency and profitability with a global reach that opens up our technology to oyster farms worldwide.

The proof is in the numbers

Our state-of-the-art oyster graders are fast, precise, and gentle, enhancing productivity by up to 400%. Designed to meet the demands of modern oyster farming, our fully automated oyster graders streamline operations, cut labour costs, and minimise product damage and mortality rates associated with manual grading.

Here’s the evidence:

Our flagship product, the SED Graders oyster Vision Grader, seamlessly sorts, measures, cleans, counts, and bags fully grown oysters at an astounding rate of 4 to 8 oysters per second, depending on size and shape.

That’s equivalent to 14,400 to 28,800 oysters per hour – a feat that would require thirteen manual workers. The Vision Grader can be operated single-handedly.

With a count accuracy of up to 99%, our SED Graders oyster Vision Grader ensures your oysters are market-ready.

Our SED Graders juvenile oyster grader is a game-changer for juvenile oysters, grading up to 100,000 per hour, even faster for smaller oysters. By significantly reducing mortality rates to just 1.5%, our juvenile grader offers a lifeline to oyster farmers during disease outbreaks. During severe disease outbreaks, local farmers reported saving 40% of their oyster crop with our technology.

Whether you’re in North America or Asia, our innovative oyster grading solutions are tailored to maximise efficiency and profitability for your business.

Australian manufactured for the harshest conditions

SED Graders innovated its oyster grading technology in collaboration with leading oyster farming research institutions to cater to farmers on the bleak coastline of Bass Strait, Tasmania, Australia. By innovating and trailing our oyster grading equipment in this harsh environment, we understand the importance of durability and reliability. Our oyster graders are crafted from high-quality stainless steel and purposely engineered to withstand the challenges of remote and unforgiving coastal environments.

While our oyster graders boast cutting-edge technology, we’ve prioritised mechanical simplicity to ensure ease of maintenance, even in the most challenging conditions. Our dedicated SED Graders team offers comprehensive after-sales support worldwide, including innovative virtual diagnostics for all our computerised products.

Whether facing the fierce elements of North America’s coastline or navigating the remote waters of Asia, SED Grader’s automated oyster grading equipment delivers robust performance and support for your oyster farming endeavours.

SED Graders is the go-to engineering and innovation team for oyster grading innovations. With our experience in international markets, including New Zealand, North America, Canada, and Japan, we supply and service oyster and shellfish farms worldwide with superior oyster grading machines and accessory equipment. We are committed to tackling the challenges of oyster farming and boosting competitiveness for our customers.

For any inquiries or when contemplating the acquisition of a SED Graders oyster grading machine or upgrading your existing equipment, we invite you to contact us. Our expert team is poised to offer tailored solutions precisely aligned with your unique requirements and operational goals.


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