Automation for international oyster farmers

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Automation for international oyster farmers is helping to mitigate the challenges of staff shortages, downward pressure on farm gate pricing and increased needs for productivity and speed to market.

These factors combined create the necessity for oyster farmers to look at alternative methods to traditional farming practices in order to remain competitive.

With emerging technologies filling many gaps like digital integration and monitoring, successful oyster farms are opening their operations to digitalisation and automation with excellent results.

Australian based engineering company SED Graders has been working with Australian oyster farmers for over 20 years, providing automated oyster grading solutions. The technology is helping to reshape the industry with improved productivity, reduced labour costs and enhanced consistency and speed to market.

SED Graders’ automation technology is available to international oyster farms and the vision grader and water grader technology is in use throughout New Zealand, North America and Japan.

Turnkey solutions gear

Australian made with dedicated after sales support

The SED Graders vision and water graders are made in Australia using the highest grade stainless steel and technically advanced cameras and electronic componentry. Each grader is customised to suit the oyster farm’s grading specifications.

At the completion of the initial discovery phase, the team will design and manufacture the most suitable oyster grading solution, providing milestone assessments to ensure the design is meeting the targets of the customer.

The grading machine’s functionality enables farms to grade, sort and bag 14,400 – 28,800 oysters per hour. This equates to a production level that would require at least 13 hand graders. The technology uses cushioned air, scientifically proven to be far more gentle than sorting by hand, and it sorts oysters with a count accuracy of up to 99%.

Our technical team delivers the vision grading solution anywhere in the world and provides testing, commissioning and comprehensive training.

After sales support and accessories

SED Graders employs highly successful after sales support which includes diagnostics software. The Team Viewer supports us to quickly and effectively resolve any technical issues in a remote setting. SED Graders remote diagnostic support has successfully conquered language barriers, time zones and the trickiest of situations to deliver fast and efficient solutions.

The system has a 100% success rate and minimises maintenance and repair downtime, ensuring the equipment performance meets and exceeds customer expectations.

SED Graders has a full portfolio of accessories that fit seamlessly into the vision graders production line. Conveyors, basket systems, hoppers, washes and drums are all available for a complete turnkey, end-to-end oyster grading solution.

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The ideal solution for international oyster farmers

International oyster farmers are turning to Australian automation technology to provide proven automation solutions for their oyster farming operations. SED Graders has substantial experience in delivering oyster grading solutions to international customers. With customers based in New Zealand, North America and Japan, the SED Graders brand has forged a reputation for quality, reliability and integrity.

SED Graders has the solutions and expertise to design and deliver oyster vision grading and water grading machines and accessories that will help your farm remain relevant, improve its competitive advantage and plan its growth with confidence and surety.

SED Graders - Australian and family owned

SED Graders is an Australian and family owned company. We provide worldwide after-sales support and fully train you to use and optimise the vision grader for maximum output.

Contact us for any questions, and when your farm is considering a SED Graders oyster grading machine we can advise the perfect solution tailored to your needs.


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