Efficiency in oyster farming

There’s no doubt that traditional methods of oyster farming are labour intensive – not to mention the repetitive nature of the work. The reality is that every hour spent doing manual work is time that could be better spent elsewhere in the business.

Running an oyster farm efficiently is paramount to building a profitable business. And with innovative oyster graders on the market these days, there’s plenty of reasons to consider upgrading.

Oyster grading

Grade more oysters for less time

In business… time is money. And the less time you spend hand grading oysters, the more time you can put elsewhere into your business.

It takes one person working a whole day to hand grade one pallet – or around 10,000 oysters. An oyster grading machine can achieve that in less than an hour and achieve more consistent quality.

Depending on the size and shapes, generally, the grader will process about 14,000 per hour on sale size oysters and up to 25,000 per hour for juveniles.

Using a machine oyster grader not only reduces the time spent hand grading… it reduces the monotony of the work. Taking away this repetitive task gives you more time to invest in growing oysters and the business.

Detail small oysters in production

Grow quality oysters

The process of checking oyster stock is important in oyster farming. When the oysters are grouped by size and quality, it drives greater efficiency by giving the oysters space to grow and removing time spent down the track, grading them by their quality.

But doing this process manually is not a quick task. Using an oyster machine grader to do the work – at a fraction of the time of a worker – makes the entire process a lot easier.

And it gives you added precision when planning out your growing oyster farm. It removes any guesswork. When it comes time to harvest the oysters, if you’ve pre-graded then you already know what you have.

Machine oyster grader

Strategically divert resources elsewhere

Reducing labour costs can be a highly attractive benefit of installing a machine oyster grader… but it’s also an opportunity to strategically divert labour elsewhere in the business.

Workers can take on more productive tasks, such as maintenance of the oyster farm, to further drive the profitability of the business. Everyone wins – you process more quality oysters in less time, and the workers are engaged in higher functioning roles, helping the business to grow.

Making every oyster count

SED Graders are global leaders in automatic oyster grading technology. Located on the rugged north coast of Tasmania, we’ve been supporting local and international oyster farmers for over 17 years.

SED Graders oyster grading equipment is proudly Australian designed and made, which makes sense when you consider, as a country, we lead the world in both oyster growing and grading technology – and that our Australian oysters are some of the best in the world!

Are you ready to make every oyster count? Find out more about our productivity-boosting oyster graders and equipment. Contact the team at SED Graders today.


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