Global automation is driving oyster farming production

In the stunning waters of Canada’s British Columbia on Vancouver Island, Stellar Bay Shellfish Ltd is embracing global automation. It is one of the region’s most prolific oyster farming operations. With one of the world’s best reputations for quality, consistency and freshness, this family business has been farming the waters here for half a century. In an isolated area, the farm stretches for over 40 hectares of Baynes Sound in the Strait of Georgia, employing 50 people and producing 12 million beautiful eating oysters yearly. Stellar Bay Shellfish Ltd oysters feature as a delicacy in high-end restaurants and oyster bars around the world, available in the United States, Canada, Japan and China.

Stella Bay Shellfish uses two SED Graders vision oyster grading machines on their farm, both manufactured in Tasmania, Australia.

Automation is the key to oyster farming efficiency and profitability

The laborious, expensive and time-consuming task of grading oysters is a significant drain on any oyster farm operation. With the added pressures of staff shortages, the necessary process of oyster grading is an area of the farm’s operational cycle that can be automated using a SED Graders vision grading machine. Our vision graders save time and staff resources while delivering a 99% accuracy rate and improved consistency and productivity.

Sean Reid, President of Stellar Bay Shellfish Ltd, says:
“The primary reason for automating the grading process was efficiency and consistency. We chose the SED Graders vision grader because we liked the ability to vision grade, where most other graders on the market were weight-based graders.”

The SED Graders vision grader uses cameras to vision grade the oysters. The setup is highly flexible and we can design and engineer our machines to fit into any farming size and operational needs. The vision grader will also count, measure, clean, sort and bag, a huge advantage to farm efficiency and productivity.

“We currently have two SED Graders vision grading machines, and they have enabled us to increase production and hire less additional staff,” says Sam.

International customers have confidence in SED Graders vision grading machines

Since making the leap and purchasing the vision grading machines from Tasmania, Sam has had complete confidence in the SED Graders brand and dealing with a company on the other side of the planet.

“The SED Graders vision graders are by far the best graders on the market. They have made a significant difference to the way our farm operates. Maintaining key staff where they are most needed is a big plus for our team and the SED Grader vision grading machines make light work of the grading process. Our team is enthusiastic when using the machines; the improved safety and technology make them easy to use and reliable.

The team at SED Graders has always helped us troubleshoot any problems, and spare parts have never been an issue. I highly recommend the SED Graders vision grader to any oyster farm that wants to automate the grading process,” says Sam.

We provide worldwide after-sales support and fully train you to use and optimise the vision grader for maximum output.

A man supervising the oyster machine operator

SED Graders - Australian and family owned

SED Graders is an Australian and family-owned company. We provide worldwide after-sales support and fully train you to use and optimise the vision grader for maximum output.

Contact us if you have any questions and when your farm is considering a SED Graders oyster grading machine or upgrading your current machine with an overcatch treatment bath. We can advise the perfect solution tailored to your needs.


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