How to save time on oyster grading

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One of the biggest questions oyster farmers grapple with is how to save time on oyster grading. At SED Graders, we’ve designed the solution through our oyster grading technology that automates the grading process, speeding up grading, sorting and bagging by 400%.

All farming, whether agriculture or aquaculture and even smallholding hobby farms, is ultimately a business and you need to manage it as a business to remain sustainable and competitive.

Saving time on routine operations significantly contributes to a farm’s use of resources. Most commercial farming operations have automated many areas of the farm’s processes to speed up product to market, reduce labour costs and mitigate risks associated with manual handling.

SED Graders has been at the forefront of automation technology in the oyster farming industry for over two decades. Our vision oyster grading machines and supporting water grading technology have enabled farms around Australia and internationally to advance their oyster grading process in meaningful ways, keeping them sustainable and highly competitive.

The SED Graders vision grader

The vision oyster grader from SED Graders is a high-performance oyster grading machine, specifically developed in collaboration with the Australian oyster farming community to reduce the most time-consuming and labour-intensive pain points for commercial oyster farms: oyster grading, sorting and bagging.

The oyster grading process removes valuable staff from their daily duties and requires a large team to perform the task manually.

Farmers often bring seasonal workers to the farm to perform the oyster grading; however, with a tightly squeezed labour market, this is becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve. Even when farms can recruit seasonal workers, the additional labour costs bite into thin margins, creating a cost-negative outcome.

The vision oyster grading machine solves this issue. Its single-handed operation enables farmers to grade, sort and bag oysters when most suitable for them without needing to schedule additional staff or redeploy existing staff. The vision grader can grade, sort and bag up to 28,800 oysters every hour, the equivalent of 13 experienced oyster graders doing the work by hand.

The technology uses cushioned air, scientifically proven to be more gentle on the oyster than sorting by hand and has a 99% accuracy rate.

Helping oyster farms remain profitable and sustainable

All farmers want to remain profitable and sustainable. Finding advantages to how you can manage your farm is part of the farming process. Advancing farming infrastructure across all farm operations is a crucial way in which farmers increase productivity, reduce waste and labour costs and develop greater consistency in their products. Consistency is vital to farmgate prices, and the vision grader is a highly valued piece of farming infrastructure that saves time and money and dramatically improves product consistency.

By executing the grading tasks precisely and eliminating human error, the product adheres to the same high-quality standards, bolstering reliability and customer trust. Consistent products reinforce a positive reputation, as customers recognise and value reliability.

The team at SED Graders can customise a vision grader to your specifications. With our automation machines and technology widely used on oyster farms worldwide, our technology goes well beyond Australian oyster farms.

We have the expertise, experience and global reach to service customers around the globe. Our oyster vision graders are customised, fully automated and highly recognised for their reliability, performance and manufactured quality.

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SED Graders - Australian and family-owned

SED Graders is an Australian and family-owned company. We provide worldwide after-sales support and fully train you to use and optimise the vision grader for maximum output.

Contact us for any questions, and when your farm is considering a SED Graders oyster grading machine or upgrading your current machine, we can advise the perfect solution tailored to your needs.


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