Our 4-lane Oyster grading and bagging system

Are you farming large quantities of oysters?

Then you should take a serious look at our oyster grading ‘motorway’:  4 lanes, high speed, high flow rate.  (If you also have problems finding staff, make that a very serious look.)

Here’s a facility we installed in South Australia

Let’s get to the point

The pictured 4-lane facility, handles 58,000 sale-size oysters in 1 hour

This is an unprecedented leap in oyster farming productivity for large farms. It has never been done before, anywhere in the world.

Let’s put it in context.  We estimate that:

“Sorted by hand, that number would take
3 staff members 4 to 6 days”

How does it work?

Each of the four lanes is a standard SED Vision Grader. Two bulk feed bin tippers feed the grading lanes. The oysters are then washed, speed along the inspection conveyer, travel up the dual feed elevator to two bulk feedlines and then to the SED counting & bagging system.


58,000 / hour. That’s 15 every second, with a high degree of accuracy.  The system uses 6-8 workers to load, inspect and change over bags.

Do we customize the design?

Of course. We would adapt the design to suit your situation. And you would get a system that is robust and reliable and integrates seamlessly with the oyster farming basket system used widely throughout the world.


Need more detail?

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