Oyster grading automation process

The oyster grading automation process starts with a qualified assessment of your farm’s automation needs and capacity. SED Graders tailors an oyster grading solution fully customised, delivered and commissioned. We use only the highest quality materials and offer complete after-sales service.

When our clients initially engage our services, our expert team dedicates itself to addressing all of your inquiries and discerning the precise needs of your oyster farming and processing facility.

Irrespective of the scale, our commitment is to design a solution to enhance your production efficiency.

Our oyster grading automation equipment elevates output and reduces labour costs, substantially reducing time-consuming tasks and ensuring enhanced product consistency.

Tailored design that ticks all the boxes

We tailor the design of your SED Grader oyster vision grader and/or water grader, along with any complementary equipment, to match the specifications and dimensions of your oyster farming operation.

Our grading equipment and machinery are customised to align seamlessly with your unique oyster processing methodology.

Throughout the design phase, we deliver comprehensive scale drawings, offering a clear depiction of how the machinery integrates into your processing facility.

Before commencing production, we incorporate any requisite adjustments, ensuring your complete satisfaction before we proceed.

Quality production

Our quality produced SED Graders vision grader and water grader machinery and equipment are manufactured at our purpose-built facility in Tasmania, Australia, and shipped to your oyster farm, regardless of your global location.

We ensure rigorous testing by our highly skilled technical team, ensuring operational stability. Our team will provide comprehensive training to you and your staff, guaranteeing your utmost confidence in operating your newly acquired machine.

For the SED Graders oyster water grader, the installation is a straightforward process that your team can conveniently execute. It includes comprehensive instructions and a video manual, making the setup fast and uncomplicated.

A man supervising the oyster machine operator

Commission and training

SED Graders’┬átechnicians take a proactive approach to commissioning our vision oyster grading equipment. We ensure we provide thorough training, and we remain on-site with you and your team to ensure you have the required level of competence and confidence in the operation of the oyster vision grader and its accessories.

Our hands-on support not only provides immediate assistance but also serves as a crucial step in our commitment to your success, highlighting the importance of the proper training and qualified commissioning of our equipment.

Responsive and qualified after sales support

The SED Graders team is committed to exceptional worldwide after-sales support, utilising cutting-edge virtual diagnostics.

Our TeamViewer video support not only offers rapid solutions to technical issues but also highlights our 100% success rate in resolving problems remotely. This track record underscores our dedication to providing swift and practical customer support.

In addition to our advanced support services, we engineer our oyster graders with mechanical simplicity in mind, ensuring ease of maintenance. We can seamlessly outfit each of our oyster grader systems with readily available parts, streamlining any necessary repairs and facilitating your equipment’s seamless operation and longevity.

SED Graders is an Australian, family-owned company. We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive worldwide after-sales support and providing thorough training to enable you to operate and optimise our state-of-the-art vision oyster grader, maximising its output potential.

For any inquiries or when contemplating the acquisition of a SED Graders oyster grading machine or upgrading your existing equipment, we invite you to contact us. Our expert team is poised to offer tailored solutions aligned precisely with your unique requirements and operational goals.


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