Quality oyster grading equipment and premium service

Oyster bagger machine

SED Graders offer customers leading oyster grading equipment that supports our oyster grading vision and water grading machinery, streamlining the processing of oyster production.

Oyster bagging is a task SED Graders have automated with ease, speed and accuracy. Our system enables operators to bag a predetermined volume of oysters with a simple pull of the handle.

With four interchangeable heads, ranging from 0.1L to 10L, our system averages 25 bagged oysters per minute. Manufactured from premium 316 stainless steel, the bagging system can be added to SED Graders’ water grader or used as a standalone.

Inspection conveyors machine inside a warehouse

We ergonomically design our SED Graders’ inspection conveyors for comfort and efficiency and custom manufacture them to meet your individual requirements. Integrated into your existing system, we manufacture our inspection conveyors to exacting standards using 316-grade stainless steel in any length and height.

Their quality enables them to function in the harshest conditions, and all components are readily available off the shelf for ease of maintenance.

We manufacture all the belts using the highest quality materials for trouble-free, long-life operation.

Elevating conveyor machine for oysters inside the warehouse

We custom design our elevating conveyors specifically for the oyster industry and manufacture them to meet your individual requirements.

We tailor our designs for new or existing processing plants and manufacture them using premium 316-grade stainless steel and fully machined rollers that ensure perfect belt alignment and tracking.

Bulk hoppers machine for oysters

Bulk hoppers are an essential component of reducing labour costs, regulating flow rates and minimising load turnaround.

SED Graders’┬ábulk hoppers are a single operator system that greatly reduces handling and significantly speeds up production. They can be loaded directly from the boat or truck and are purposely designed for the oyster industry.

Manufactured from 316-grade stainless steel, the unique design reduces crushing and damage to the product. We integrate our bulk hoppers into a high number of customer processing plants, with excellent results.

Bin hoppers machine for oysters

SED Graders’ range of bin tippers and door kits integrate with the traditional plastic bins that are in daily use on the majority of oyster farms.

We manufacture our bin tippers from the highest 316-grade stainless steel and they can handle 5000-6000 Pacific oysters per bin.

We have purposely designed our bin door kits for bulk feeding of the oyster processing line and they are very easy to assemble.

Worker in uniform washing the oysters using a machine

Our oyster washes have become synonymous with the oyster farms around Australia. Designed to be extremely gentle on the live oyster and with a range of optical choices that accommodate the most exacting of process conditions, they have become an essential addition to oyster farms of all sizes.

The O3A belt washer cleans up to 2000 oysters per hour, using either salt or freshwater, with optimal water recycling.

We specifically design the 16A reel washer for sale presentation of oysters, and like the O3A it can be used with either salt or freshwater, with optimum water recycling using single-phase power.

Reel washer drum

Environmentally friendly and very economical, SED Graders’ rotary drum water filter and recycle tank solves water supply and usage problems. Designed to integrate with SED Graders’ 03A belt washer, water is filtered through a rotating drum with a multiple mesh screen.

Sand and silt settle at the bottom of the tank, whilst water from the outflow circulates back to the belt washer. Very easy to install, clean and maintain, the system runs off single-phase power and alleviates the problems of clogged drains and wet floors.

SED Graders oyster grading machines and equipment are manufactured to the highest standards. Built for ease of use, our equipment successfully operates in the harshest environments. With superior backup service and qualified technicians on hand, our grading machines and supporting equipment are used around Australia, New Zealand, North America and Asia.

A man supervising the oyster machine operator

SED Graders Australian and family owned

SED Graders is an Australian and family owned company creating automation technologies that are greatly improving the efficiency and profitability of oyster farms in Australia and around the world.

Contact us for any questions you may have and when you are considering a SED Graders vision grading machine or upgrading your current machine with an overcatch treatment bath.


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