Oyster sorting equipment

Oyster farming, especially the oyster grading process, has historically been labour-intensive. The manual efforts required for grading, sorting, counting, and bagging oysters are time-consuming and prone to human error. However, the advent of automated oyster sorting equipment such as the SED Graders Vison Grader has mitigated many labour-related challenges, including time and cost, resource allocation, and the condensed labour markets, helping oyster farms to remain sustainable and profitable.

Automated oyster grading machinery is designed to streamline several critical aspects of oyster farming. These machines utilise advanced technologies such as vision systems and sensors to perform tasks that once required significant manual labour.

The role of automation in oyster grading

Quality grading machines remove the tasks of seasonal workers and mitigate the need to furlough critical staff from other areas of the oyster farm during grading season. The SED Graders Vision Grader uses high-resolution cameras and imaging software to assess each oyster’s size, shape, and quality. This technology ensures that only the best oysters make it to market, while undersized or imperfect ones can be redirected for further growth or other uses. The precise measurement tools provide consistent grading standards, which are crucial for maintaining product quality and meeting market demands.

Once graded, oysters are sorted based on predetermined criteria such as size and weight. Automated systems can sort thousands of oysters per hour. The SED Graders Vision Oyster Grader is proven to grade up to 28,800 every hour, a feat impossible to achieve through manual sorting.

Automated counters provide an accurate tally of the oysters being processed. This accuracy is essential for inventory management and fulfilling customer orders; they can count oysters at an incredible speed, ensuring that large volumes can be processed quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

The Vision Oyster Grader, engineered and manufactured by SED Graders in consultation with the oyster industry, includes automated bagging systems. The bagging system packages the sorted oysters into bags, ready for transport or sale. Integrating sorting and bagging into a single process reduces handling time and minimises the risk of oyster damage. Bagging can be customised to package oysters in various quantities, catering to different market requirements and customer preferences.

The benefits of automating oyster grading

The automation of the oyster grading task significantly boosts productivity. What once took a team of 13 experienced workers can now be completed single-handed. This increase in efficiency allows oyster farms to scale up operations and meet growing market demands. The reduced margin for error is noteworthy. The Vision Oyster Grader sorts oysters with an accuracy of 99% and uses cushioned air, scientifically proven to be gentler than sorting by hand.

Along with substantial cost and resource savings over an extended period by optimising the sorting and grading process, oyster farmers can ensure that only mature oysters are harvested, allowing younger oysters more time to grow. This practice helps maintain healthy oyster populations and supports the overall ecosystem.

SED Graders have developed advanced oyster grading automation machines and oyster sorting equipment for over 20 years. Based in Tasmania, Australia, SED Graders has a global reach, supplying oyster grading machines, including the Vision Oyster Grader and the Juvinelle Oyster Grader, to customers worldwide. The company continues to collaborate closely with the oyster industry. As technology continues to evolve, the future of oyster farming looks brighter, more efficient, and increasingly automated, and it is assisting a thriving sector that meets the demands of a growing market.

If you have any inquiries or are contemplating the acquisition of a SED Graders oyster grading machine or upgrading your existing equipment, we invite you to contact us. Our expert team is poised to offer tailored solutions precisely aligned with your unique requirements and operational goals.


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