Staff shortage is a solvable problem

A tightly squeezed labour force creates staff shortage problems in Australia and overseas. The issue is greater in seasonal industries, including primary producers, aquaculture and agriculture. The hospitality and construction industries are also scrambling for workers, creating additional pressure on an already scarce commodity. This is a global problem, and many oyster farmers are turning to automation of the grading process to relieve the downward pressure on current staff and mitigate the need to recruit and retain hard-to-find seasonal workers. The team at SED Graders has been working closely with oyster farming operations here in Australia and, more recently, in Japan and the USA on delivering automation solutions that add significant value to farms’ operational costs and productivity.

How SED Graders' vision graders are helping oyster farms

Over the past few years, oyster production businesses have struggled to keep pace, due to the lack of available labour. When they can recruit satisfactory staff, the additional costs that come with supply and demand are eating into the operation’s profitability. The issue of staff shortage has been ongoing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and is not isolated to farming or seasonal workers.

The manufacturing industry is experiencing workforce issues associated with technology, with new people entering the sector more likely to work for a business where they have access to the latest technology rather than the ‘old’ manual way of performing tasks.

The SED Graders vision grader has been solving this problem for over two decades with technologically advanced grading equipment that alleviates the pain points at oyster grading time. The vision grader is purpose-built and designed to sort, grade and bag oysters in an automated process that can be conducted single handedly. The vision grader can grade up to 28,800 oysters every hour. This replaces the need for 13 hand-grading staff on any one shift. It has improved accuracy and can be employed by the farm when and where needed. Made from the highest quality materials, the vision grader enables farms to maintain their key talent where they are most needed and not rely on an unpredictable and expensive seasonal workforce to undertake the mundane and expensive function of grading and bagging the oyster harvest.

Vision grader machine

Other key advantages

The SED Graders vision graders offer farms much more than a solution to the labour crisis. The automation process is highly accurate, consistent and fast. Much more productive than manual grading, team members are enthusiastic about the grading process, knowing they have the best tech at their disposal. The vision grader will sort, grade and bag, producing a consistent product and an elevated speed to market.

The SED Graders vision grading machine can be designed to fit any oyster farm’s size and needs.

From smaller farms to large commercial-scale operations, our team can evaluate, design, build and deliver a vision grading solution that future-proofs the farm’s viability and tackles the issue of staff shortages. The vision grading system comes with a host of optional extras, including the latest in overcatch treatment baths, bin hoppers, inspection conveyors, basket systems, bin tippers, door kits and bulk bins, oyster washes and rotary drum water filter and recycle tanks. The system can be the complete package for your oyster grading and sorting needs and is backed by superior diagnostic service support that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The SED Graders vision grader offers security during uncertainty

At SED Graders we have worked closely with the oyster farming community for over two decades and we know oyster farmers are practical people. Investing in equipment is a calculated decision. Our team has the expertise and practical know-how to offer the most educated and practical advice on what automation system is most suitable for your needs. Certainty is a valued commodity in any farming operation.

The SED Graders vision grader is built to work. It is made of the highest quality stainless steel and the componentry has been simplified to reduce wear and tear and ensure longevity and operational performance.

We provide worldwide after-sales support and fully train you to use and optimise the vision grader for maximum output.

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SED Graders Australian and family-owned

SED Graders is an Australian and family-owned company. Contact us for any questions you may have and when you are considering a SED Graders oyster grading machine or upgrading your current machine with an overcatch treatment bath.


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